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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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off of an overpass on 395.state the fire department shut down today getting help from other honor joshuao weissman. >> he was known for the love of the job. following up with people who helped long after they were his care. today hundreds gathered to pay tribute to his life of service. >> the flat rate casket was carried into the memorial service. casket wasd carried into the memorial service. him being just very happy. he was very caring. a good paramedic. horrible loss. an incredible loss for
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alexandria. >> his brother describes how the old wanted to be a was a youngsince he boy. love with in firefighting as a child. he became a volunteer when he 16-years old. had served on the alexandria fire department for years. first responders came from to honort the region him. as they rodehim alexandria one last time. >> it is awful. you hate to see anybody go. >> and whether that matched the day, he was buried city where he served. >> joshua weissman leaves behind parents, brother, and wife of seven years. they met on the job as volunteer
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firefighters. live, suzanne kennedy, 7 news. >> you can read more about the for joshua weissman and gallery on our web a day off in the university of virginia murder trial perry proceedings were suspended on to be theupposed the trial because illness. george huguely is accused of attacking -- attacking his ex- love andd yeardley left her for dead. proceedings are to resume tomorrow. >> now, developing news out of michigan. the underwear has been sentenced to life in prison. had farouk abdulmutallab already pleaded guilty to try to up a u.s. plane bound for on christmas day. a bomb hitting in his underwear fire and it failed to explode. acting on behalf of al qaeda, he said.
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to 30 has been sentenced of home detention for illegal use of election day robocalls. he is to serve 500 hours of community service. it implied that martin o'malley enough votes to win to suppress african- american turn out. >> a possible roadblock in the debate over gay adoption. the house is expected to follow. members of congress are stepping to block theening measure. more from inr has the newsroom. the governor says he plans to pass the bill as soon as it passes the house. say the bill discriminates of thel hurt the image virginia nationwide.
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>> he is trying to pass a block thew to virginia adoption bill. i believe very strongly this is a reactionary piece of legislation. for discrimination in virginia has long passed. they say private adoption parents can refuse on sexual orientation, religion, parents' age, gender, disability, family status, or political beliefs. the obama administration is calling the virginia law discriminatory and irrelevant. virginia voters we spoke to were divided. agree more with what the administration is saying. i definitely understand the
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other side of the perspective. >> they should allow them to make their own decisions as long not receiving funds. they get federal funding, the government should tell them what to do. not, who cares? >> mark warner calls the bill mean-spirited and wrong. religiousading handleations to in virginia told us the strongly support virginia law. live, rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> thank you. the general assembly has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution for syrian president al-assad to step down. supporters hope the votes will message to stop the bloody crackdown that -- that left more than 5400 people dead. they also want him to hand over the power of his office to his
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two andsident pierre >> of republican polls pushing for voters in michigan. mitt romney who grew up in the gained a key endorsement from gov. rick snyder. he also spoke at an event. rick santorum remains in a the polls there. the primary is february 28. 30 delegates are up for grabs divided accordingly. >> there is another kennedy intog to make his way congress. ed hishkennedy iii cmapaign today. he is 31-years old. is the son of former congressman joseph kennedy ii. blacks still to come, general motors announces record profits. workersthousands of because a big pay off of it. we are reaching the age
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--re reunion that becomes smaller .ith each passing year talk with some veterans of their memories of that battle. more hopes that the payroll be approvedn will it. [ female announcer ] more people are ing wireless devices
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watching abc 7 news peterson,th gordon bunyan, tim brant sports. seven news at 6:00 on your side. >> it looks like the payroll tax a done deal. >> a vote could come as early as tomorrow. it extends payroll tax cuts for 160 million workers. continues benefits for millions of the long-term unemployed through 2012. save a family earning about $1,000r annually. >> and general motors had a good year.ast its best year ever in its history. the auto maker made $1.6 billion
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in 2011. because of that, union workers will each get $7,000 profit sharing checks. gm lost $700,000 before taxes in and south america. >> jobless claims are falling to the lowest rate in almost four years. another and that the job market is improving. is a drop of 13,000 people. is the fewest number since march 2008. >> the federal government wants more informed what their parents are rigid what their children are downloading on smartphones. parents have no idea what information they are collecting using it.ey are is calling for companies parents and about their products.
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>> next at 6:00 -- veterans of ii get together for reminiscing. >> the rain is heading out. >> the university of maryland college at 9:00 tonight. the legend continues to grow for lin.y
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>> we continue with a special weekend for some war heroes. they are getting smaller each year. >> they are in the area for the reunion. stroll forannual is also an forivan emotional walk down memory lane. and it is about where they have they have been through. have to bet reminded. we know about it. we enjoy being together.
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it is important. we are reaching the age where us will be gone pretty soon. >> they are veterans of the battle ima jima. a brutal fight that took almost 7000 american lives. it is remembered each year with gathering, a stop at the museum, and a replaying of the memorial. >> each year it is a bit different. it is smaller. this year, only 20 veterans trip.make the >> you do not forget your buddies. never a thought in your .ind >> you could say it is therapeutic. >> it is cathartic to return to place they have not seen since they were 19. went in 1995. john will go this year. it is made a bit easier because of the bond each year. i have none of my old buddies
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left. they are all gone. i really enjoyed visiting with the other men. it is a privilege to be here. a commonon valor was virtue. >> what a story. and their memory so clear when they all come back together. you forget that ever? >> tim brant's father was there. >> i never knew that. let's talk a little bit more about the rain. the rain is gone. skies of turned clear. for the short term, it will be nice. let's get started with a look at life super doppler 7. if you look on the left-hand side of the screen, still some across the piedmont and valley. not uncommon following a cold front.
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-- this is at the airport to -- 47 and 41 low. 43 reported in frederick and gaithersburg. 45 in the nation's capitol. we will see clearing skies overnight. 37-41 degrees. waking up to clear skies and a nice day. behind the cold front. warmer tomorrow than today. no cold air anywhere in the u.s. right now. we continue this theme of significant warmer than average winter. going to moveis back in. starting tonight it will help bring in dry air. sunny and breezy warm day the mid 50's. we will still be around for saturday. partly sunny skies for a good portion of saturday. clouds will start to roll in late on saturday evening. rolling in the head the next storm system.
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the computer models have been all over the place, up and down, flop you name it. where it travels is important because it will determine how the north and west part it -- precipitation will go. now is prettyght good likelihood, almost certainly it will be cloudy and on sunday. more than likely, 60% chance to a rand or snow. a better chance of measurable be in the mountains. could this snowmageddon 2? chance. a lot of reasons we will not see major blizzard. you remember the president the blizzard of 1979? it happened around here. we will be finished with sunday precipitation. breezy on monday.
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still chilly, and a nice warm up the balance of next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> live in college park talking about the terrapins. >> thank you very much for my dad appeared we the servicesed by of those men. it all starts at 9:00 here. boston college is a young team. have nine freshmen on their roster. they beat florida state the day. the continue to get better every game. for the maryland terrapin, it been a tough time for them. turgeon is working overtime. teamies have hit this hard. towe were really starting get it. it is disappointing. i feel for the team.
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nobody expected us to be any good. thought we were starting to be better than everybody be.ght we were going to are back to square one. is a work in progress for us. it is nothing we can do about it. move forward and try as a >> the head coach mark turgeon. jeremy lin continuing his tear through madison square garden. his assists will definitely go up. the best story in sports. the assists last night in first half. guard, my field attempts have been really high. i do not think that is good.arily think it is more my job to distribute and get people in rhythm. hopefully, especially when
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carmelo antley -- carmelo back, by assists up. go >> i am announcing the game tonight. sanity.hed in on lin- he is keeping a close eye on the success onjeremy lin. >> i think kids that are talented to get into a situation perfect mix for skills in a situation, you have big success in the nba. nobody saw that coming, i am just sitting back and enjoying it. >> the wizards lost to the clippers' last night. it ended their two game win streak. like griffin had a double double. go to utah to play the jazz tomorrow night. let's go to hockey. today at practice things got a little bit chippy.
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they kept slashing each other. the got face-to-face in front of the gold. they had to be separated. he waited onovechkin as well -- weighed in on ovechkin as well. he said he has to quit being a star. go back to the work ethic he used to have. things are getting chippy as see as their season slipping away. on theow they are outside looking in. ♪
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